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Strategies for playing Roulette

Strategies for playing Roulette

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Spin the ball, I say! Well, maybe not so fast. Like many other casino gambling games, roulette is fairly easy to play; all you really need to know is that you need to place your chips on the table before the ball is rolled. Simple enough, huh? Well, it’s good enough if you don’t care whether you win or loose but I don’t know anyone like that, do you? You need a roulette strategy.

For every casino game, there are various strategies that tend to work. While they won’t give you the advantage over the house (if that were the case, the casinos would cease to exist), they do help in maintaining the house edge at it’s lowest. Part of a good strategy is to know where to place your chips, as is the case with a game such as craps. With roulette, however, it’s a much easier task; all you need to know here is which bet to avoid and there’s only one.

All bets on the roulette table have the same house edge of 5.26% except one, the five-number bet, which is the only one you should never make. Other than that, you’re free to bet wherever you like. There aren’t really any strategies for playing roulette to manipulate your chances of winning a particular bet. However, there are ways of managing your money management that will dictate how much money you win or lose, and eventually walk away with.

The best roulette strategy involves money management. When you first approach the roulette table, decide on the number of bets you wish to make per spin. This should be based on your bankroll as well as the time you’d like to spend at the table. Make sure that you stick to the maximum number of bets for each spin throughout the game and keep and eye on bankroll. If your bankroll is decreasing rapidly, you may want to place fewer bets per spin to allow yourself some more time to enjoy the game. On the other hand, if you see that you’re up quite a bit, you should consider pulling out of the game earlier than planned and leaving with a profit.


Roulette Table Layout

The roulette table is a bit smaller than a craps table and a bit larger than that for playing blackjack. The standard size for a roulette table is 54″ x 102″ x 34″. The biggest attraction of course, is the wheel, which is located at one end of the table; at the other end are the column bets. The wheel adds most of the glamour to the game of roulette with it’s beautiful wood finish and sparkling metal spinner in the center; the roulette table layout adds colour and thus, a bit of fun to the free roulette systems game. The two sides where the column bets and the black and red bets are located are dedicated to players while the opposite sides are only open to monica live dealers. Usually, the dealer(s) and the players just stand around the roulette table, though some casinos offer seats. You’ll see stacks of chips behind the roulette wheel, of course, sorted by colour. Each player at the table will be paid from the stack that matches their chip colour.

Unlike a craps table, the roulette table is fairly easy to decipher. The numbers 1 through 36 are listed in consecutive order in the columns. Notice that the colours for these numbers aren’t exactly alternating; this is done to create a greater variety of bets. You see, if all even numbers were also red, and all odd numbers were also black, then that would eliminate either the red and black bets or the odds and evens since they would be the exact same.

Casino Roulette Table Layout

Above you can see the roulette table layout. If you look along the bottom edge of the table, you’ll see the three column bets. The zero and double zero (unless you are playing European roulette where there is only one zero) are located at the top of the table right next to the roulette wheel. On the left of the roulette table layout are the rest of the group bets – first, second, and third dozen; odd and even; first and second half; and red and black. Check out Best Roulette Strategies here.

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