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Roulette Playing Tips

Roulette Playing Tips

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Roulette is a unique casino game in the sense that no matter what bets you place on the table (or groups of bets), the house edge of 5.26% is always constant. Many players try to find a way to lower the edge by using different strategies and systems. Because of the way the roulette wheel is set up, with numbers dispersed in such an orderly fashion, one can easily get fooled into believing that the system works.

Here are some roulette playing tips for you to consider when playing the free roulette systems game. They should be used as a guideline for healthy roulette gambling.

  1. Forget about systems. No matter how you look at the roulette wheel, there is absolutely no way of lowering the house edge – it will always be 5.26% or higher.
  2. Avoid the Five-Number Bet. With a house edge that’s 50% higher than any other roulette bet, this one should be considered non-existent.
  3. Surrender rule. Find casinos that offer the surrender rule; this will lower the house edge against you.
  4. Check table minimums. Before you sit down at the table, find out what the table minimum is first to make sure that based on the bankroll you have, you allow yourself a decent number of bets.
  5. Find a European roulette wheel if you can. With only one ‘zero’ pocket, it offers a much lower house edge than do traditional American roulette wheels.
  6. Forget patterns. Although it’s natural for humans to look for patters in everyday life, you can forget about it at the roulette table. Each time the wheel is spun, the chance of 14, 30, 2 coming up in a row is the same as the sequence 0, 0, 0. So, just because 12 came up twice already doesn’t mean it’s less likely to come up on the next spin.
  7. Discipline. Only use what you have put aside to play the game. Don’t put your house or car on the line because of a hunch you have. Too many individuals have gone bankrupt because their gut told them to keep playing.


These roulette playing tips should help you get the most out of the game as well as your bankroll. Why bother trying to influence chance when you haven’t the ability to do so? It just boggles your mind in the end and you end up leaving a mentally exhausted player instead of a fulfilled one. Ease up on trying to dissect everything that’s going on at the roulette table and think of it merely as a game of chance strategies for playing roulette. That is what it is, right?

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