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Monica | Live Dealers at Live Casinos

Monica | Live Dealers at Live Casinos

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Live Dealers like Monica you can find at Visionary’s, Celtic live casino.  She is sort of shy.  When you ask her to spin a favorite number for you, she tries with all the happiness in the world.  I have seen a lot of croupiers shrink when you ask for a number to show on a spin.  I am never certain why.  I took this video at 3 AM Costa Rica time.  Monica was as lively as anyone could be, waging her tail and wanting to play.  Costa Rica, in Latin America,  is where the Celtic live dealers are located. See

Live Dealers Software Company Visionary iGaming

In actuality the Visionary iGaming studio belongs to and is operated by Visionary Software Providers.  Live games are not made by the live casinos.  It is the software company that operates these very complicated systems.  There are more than 100 croupiers to manage and 5 web cam streams to get right.  Besides the live dealers, VIG manages the camera men and the technical support team.  Don’t forget the celtic live casino support with all the players emails that must be answered by the software companies.  The software companies, like Visionary, also make payments to the players.  They handle the withdrawal requests and placement of outgoing funds in the players preferred withdrawal method. If there is anything that is not normal and needs clarification, the casino steps in and helps out.


The Live Dealers Casino’s Job

The Live Dealers Casino’s job is more specific.  The casino attracts and then retains the live players.  Keeping the players happy so they keep coming back, is perhaps the most important job any casino can do.  All Live Casinos like Celtic, need to make sure, any problems encountered by the players are answered roulette playing tips or taken care of immediately.  The Bonuses must be operated fairly and the website must be operable and fast 27/7/365.  Casinos such as Celtic, also need to bring the players in. This is where the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on the internet comes in.  Search engines like Yahoo and Google, must know that Celtic is there and ready to play.  That in itself is the biggest “off site” job.  It’s complicated believe me!  So, the work is done for you.  All you have to do is log in and enjoy.  Have a win on Fairway’s Live Casino.  Their Bonus is as big as they get.  It is friendly as well. Check out #1 Guide To Live Dealer Online Casinos.

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