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Live BlackJack Dealer Karol | Fairway Casino

Live Blackjack Dealer Karol is at Fairway’s Live Casino Dealing Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat. The Croupiers always have a 30 minute session at each game. At the top and bottom of the hour all live casinos through out the cyber-sphere change croupiers at those times. In the Live Blackjack Dealer Karol Video we have recorded her assisting us in winning at Blackjack. from the Blackjack table she will go to either Live Baccarat or Live Roulette to be in charge of the those real online roulette gaming tables. If you watch the video you will notice how both Karol and the player are “together” at the table.

Live Dealer Karol Croupier Video Presentation

The live chat function is a very interesting tool with a live dealer such as Karol. She is easy to talk to, very positive and willing to “cheat” for the player if there were not so many pit bosses controlling what goes down at the tables. We have got a couple of pit bosses captured on video, Live Dealer Janice for example. Karol cheating for us, I am really not sure about. But she is wanting the players to win and that is for sure.


Live BlackJack Dealer Software Provider

Fairway’s live  blackjack dealer is operating with the Visionary Software Provider live gaming program. Martin Reiner, previously CEO of Vuetec Live Dealer Software out of Dublin Ireland, launched VIG in early 2008. With the experience he gained at Vuetec he invented and eventually  patented an updated formula of Early-Payout based on standard Basic Strategy Rules. It was  definite improvement over the previous version implemented by VurTec. His live dealer studio is based in Costa Rica which has a history of online companies basing operations eurogrand casino withdrawal helper. This has provided him with a source of trained and talented personnel.  From what I know about Visionary, their live dealers are very easy to talk to and willing to spend some personal time with you online at the tables. Or simply get to a Live Dealer Black table and silently place your wagers in a contemplative fashion. It is your choice.