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Celtic Live Casino Review

Celtic Live Casino Review

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I had been playing live games streamed from Fitzwilliam Card Club in Dublin, for a while at Lucky Live Casino. This was even before Visionary software went live online. So when Celtic came along with a brand new live gaming experience, I was excited.

The difference between Celtic and Lucky Live is the interaction the player has with the croupiers. At Lucky Live it is mostly all serious business, which has its appeal, but Celtic Casino Reviews offers another “feeling of play” all together. The cheerful love of life I felt from the VIG, Costa Rican dealers was especially warm and casual compared to the Dublin Ireland land based dealers. It was refreshing.

The girls, however professional, have a loose and care free attitude. Have you ever known some Latin, central American 20-something years old women? Oh! the live games are great too. The Early-Payout Blackjack is an improvement over it’s predecessor at Firzwilliam’s Card Club. There is no waiting at the tables for a seat. You can read more about it at

Celtic Casino Screen Shots

  • Live Roulette
  • Live BlackJack
  • Live Baccarat

The Live Games at Celtic

Among others, Celtic Casino offers the 3 most popular live web cast games: Live Roulette strategies, Live BlackJack and Live Baccarat. Baccarat is new to a lot of players but it normally turns out being a lot of fun to learn and to get to know. The Live Dealers are always ready to give you instructions on how to play to win, right online with the chat function. I find that many serious players prefer to play Live roulette playing tips or Live Blackjack so they are not at the mercy of the adjustable RNG games. Most, if not all RNG roulette, blackjack and baccarat return to player percentages (RTP) can be adjusted and manipulated by the individual casinos. I am not suggesting it is adjusted while spinning.


What I mean is that the RTP can be adjusted before hand. If they can not be manipulated by the casinos themselves the software providers certainly can. The ability or ease of manipulating the RNG is software specific. This means that every software provider determines whether or not the associate casino has the ability to adjust the outcomes or not. If it is casino adjustable, the provider also determine how easy it is to adjust. Many of the casinos are owned by the software platforms providing them.

Perhaps when we are dealing with large limits by serious players this situation is a bit hard to accept. So many players are attracted to live games for this reason. Yet the live chat is what makes the games at Celtic so attractive. Players sit there for hours talking, testing and teasing the croupiers at the tables.

The chatter never ends if you let it run. You cant imagine the personal questions players end up asking the dealers about their personal lives, waiting for the game to settle. Except for a few, the croupiers at Celtic/VIG are open and ready to share on and off line experiences. Players always feel they get a better spin when they know who is handling the roulette or dealing the cards.21

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